Art Displays

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Centennial Bank 
2500 Broadway St.
Boulder, CO  80304

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MidFirst Bank
840 Pearl St.
Boulder, CO  80302

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Mary Williams Fine Arts
5311 Western Ave., Ste 112
Boulder, CO  80301

Private Collections

Dr. John and Mrs. Cheri Meyer

Mr. and Mrs Alexander Bracken

Holly and Vance Joseph

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Bowles

Mr and Mrs. Loren Brodhead

Robert and Linda Caldwell

Mr. and Mrs Dave Collins

Mr. Jack Cochran

Ms. Lynn Cooke

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Dennis

Mr. and Mrs. William Dowd

Ms. Kay Clagett

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Gillick

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wetmore

Mrs. Donell Teaff

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Meyer

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Cabral

Mr. and Mrs. John Ivaska

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Barnett

Mr. and Mrs. Nate Oderberg

Ms. Ceal Barry

Ms. Beth Beeson

Mr and Mrs. Gary Borgese

Mr. and Mrs Dave Callan

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Gambel

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hendrick

Mr. Ralph Cantifino

Mr. and Mrs Jim English

Mrs. Linda Geiger

Ms. Diane Hanson

Mr. and Mrs. Rick George

Mr. and Mrs. William Butin

Ms. Donna Zupancic

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tranzow

Mr. and Mrs. William Butin

Mr. and Mrs Charles Holmes

Mr. and Mrs Joe Klopfenstein

Ms. Sara Long

Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Lucy

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Meyer

Mr. Rudy Rudolph

Mr. Robert Webster

Mr. and Mrs Mark Stevenson

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Van Matre

Ms. Annette Wright

Mr. and Mrs Mike Karpuk

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Charles

Mr. Richard Tharp

Ms. Donna Zupancic

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tranzow